Khalil Berro is a Swiss-Lebanese artist challenging human perception of the non-human (nature), shaping our reality and constructing our understanding of life in our habitat. Critically highlighting humanity’s desire to exert influence over the natural world, creating opportunities for contemplation of cultural traditions in perceiving, and interacting with the non-human.

Many of Berro's projects involve dedicated field research trips, collaborations, and conversations with scientists, researchers, and other experts. These newly discovered blocks of information serve as the foundation for his work, in creating new, poetic interpretations of reality. This involves combining technology, science, and post-romantic concepts of nature to explore the creation of reality borders and ways to break them down.

Interventions in Earth’s processes and the emulation of systematic destruction constitute significant aspects of Berro's work in pursuit of a deeper understanding of how we interact with what is not we. Often utilizing the recipients’ imagination through invisible or hardly imaginable mediums such as air or clouds. This deliberate concealment forces recipients to engage their imagination in order to discern and visualize the subject, in which he exploits this non-existence.

Khalil Berro's projects utilize materiality as an agent to convey poetic narratives and materialize stories of known, yet incomprehensible human actions and natural phenomena, as named by the western world. Seeking to elicit a tangible grasp of global consciousness and interconnectedness. 

His work has been subject to multiple solo exhibitions, among them Swiss Hanok in Seoul, South Korea (2023) and public installations such as Borderline Nature in St. Moritz, Switzerland (2024). Upcoming projects include BREATHE at the main building of ETH Zurich in Zurich, Switzerland (2024), BREATHE at NOI in Bolzano, Italy (2024), and research projects in Sumatra, Indonesia (2024 – 2025).