Khalil Berro Portrait

Khalil Berro is a Swiss-Lebanese artist living and working in Zürich and Bedretto. Berro is known for exploring experimental ways of combining and dissecting nature and technology. His work addresses humanity’s impact on the natural world, pursuit of control and our capacity not to coexist with nature but to exist as one.

Berro's work originates from a quest to convey and visualize natural phenomena and the beauty of environmental experiences. Frequently utilizing remotely located landscapes, seemingly free of interference and untouched by humanity, inducing existential questions. His projects, while firmly rooted in the contemporary art world, exhibit connections with the romantic spirit as they are infused with a sense of the sublime – a concept central to romanticism.

Exploring natural or human-induced phenomena through field trips and analysis constitutes a significant aspect of Berro's artistic practice. Critically highlighting humanity’s desire to exert influence over their environment and creating opportunities for self-reflection and global consciousness.

Projects of Berro have been exhibited both in Switzerland and on a global scale, with his most recent exhibition taking place in Seoul, South Korea.

Khalil Berro
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Khalil Berro Studio
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