Khalil Berro Portrait

Khalil Berro is a Swiss-Lebanese artist living and working in Zürich and Bedretto. Berro is known for exploring experimental ways of combining and dissecting nature and technology. His work addresses humanity’s impact on the natural world, pursuit of control, and our capacity not to coexist with the anthropogenic concept of "nature" but to exist as one.

Analyzing and challenging the human perception of the non-human (nature) that shapes our reality and constructs our understanding of life in our habitat, Earth. Frequently utilizing remotely located landscapes seemingly free of interference and untouched by the non-natural, critically highlighting humanity’s desire to exert influence over their environment and creating opportunities for self-reflection and global consciousness.

Berro’s works create points of interaction and questioning that confront our understanding and imagination of nature, exploring how humans often find solace and appreciation for the natural world through the creation of artificial environments. Engaging in field trips and analytical exploration of the global natural system stands as a pivotal facet within Berro's artistic practice, encompassing the scrutiny of human-centered realities and the conveyance of scientific concepts.

Projects of Berro have been exhibited both in Switzerland and globally, with his most recent solo exhibition taking place in Seoul, South Korea.