"Floral Assembly" was first installed at the Trafo Hall in Baden, Switzerland and was also the face of the diplomatic reception in Seoul, South Korea as part of the 60th anniversary of Swiss-Korean diplomatic relations.

The eight-minute video, with an aspect ratio of 3:2 (meters), displays flowers from South Korea and Switzerland captured over their entire lifespan. Showing the growth process, blooming stage and finally the withering phase. The lifespan of a flower holds many different colours and movements, from opening their petals to tilting in an entirety to get the most amount of sunlight.

All of these «flower lives» have been combined by morphing and distorting them to a degree, in which there are no recognizable elements for the viewer to focus on. Shifting the centre of attention to the colour-spectrum and motions of the flowers.

By morphing the flowers, a symbiosis is created between the two countries ecosystems. Due to the natural connection between humans and nature, the video is not perceived as being human made, but as a natural product that does not appear animated. The movements and colours give hints as to what could be hidden behind the distortions and allow interpretation of the flowers shown.

Khalil Berro Floral Assembly
Khalil Berro Floral Assembly
Khalil Berro Floral Assembly
Khalil Berro Floral Assembly LED videowall installation
Khalil Berro Floral Assembly installation image
Installed at Trafo Hall, Baden, Switzerland, 2022
Installed at Swiss Hanok, Seoul, South Korea, 2023
300cm x 200cm Screen

LED Full Colour Display Modules
Aluminium truss
Connection modules
Led controllers and converters