Precipitation Works

Khalil Berro Precipitation Works paintings

The Precipitation Works are a long-term series ranging from 240cm x 190cm to 130cm x 190cm (seen above). Berro painted these works using acrylic paint liquified with water.

The first work of the Precipitation Series was more of an accident by Berro. He wanted to start a painting and had some black acrylic paint leftover. Since it was such a little amount of paint, he multiplied it with water. The viscosity of the paint got a lot lower, due to the large amount of water used. He poured the paint into a can and walked up to the canvas. He scraped the can across the surface of the cotton canvas. By lifting the can slightly at the bottom, he let out little black paint droplets.

When the can was empty, he stepped back from the canvas. Berro was amazed by the sight in front of him. He was stunned by the outcome but at the same time regretful, that the process already seemed completed. After sitting multiple hours in front of the painting, he decided that the painting was finished.

Khalil Berro Precipitation Works paintings
Khalil Berro Precipitation Works paintings
240cm x 190cm
190cm x 130cm

Acrylic paint and terpentine