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Ardent Supporter

Ardent Supporter

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Slow motion camera equipment
27:00 min. film
9:4 aspect ratio

Ardent Supporter creates the opportunity to analyze flames, explosions, and flashovers in extreme detail.

Filmed was the 27 min. long video in a Swiss training center, which allows the recreation of a condition called «flashover», where every combustible surface exposed to thermal radiation in a compartment or enclosed space rapidly and simultaneously ignites.

With the help of an AI-engine and slow motion camera equipment, the inferno like flames are slowed down to a degree, where five seconds of recording time amount to 40 minutes of video.

Ardent Supporter allows the viewer to experience the beauty of the flaming movements and the beauty of destruction. A fatal sight, in most cases only visible to humans shortly before their death. An occurrence so deadly and destructive, yet simultaneously allowing the feeling of pure tranquility through the reduction of speed and pairing with sound waves. A synthesized audio-sphere was specifically produced for Ardent Supporter.

Behind the scenes, Ardent Supporter, 2022