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Clouds have always seemed untouchable, so far away, unfazed by us human beings and our actions. Coming from far away and not merely containing but consisting out of one of humanities most sacred resources. Water.

The project «Cloud Killer» encapsulates five subprojects, all linked together by a rain-making method called cloud seeding. Posing questions of atmospherical ownership and the human relationship to clouds and our water supply.

Watch the full documentary to see the subprojects coexist and to learn more about modern cloud seeding techniques. 

Through the Removal of Clouds

Lenticular prints of flowers before and after cutting off their water supply, leaving them to dry out and die. Embodying lives need for water and hydration. By physically moving through a space, the viewer is able to change the state of the flowers’ life sequence.

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Silver Injector

Replicated Chinese cloud seeding rockets flown into Swiss clouds formed over Italy surrounded by mountainous terrain above the tree line. A war against clouds, a war against earth, and ultimately a war against ourselves.

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Rain maker, Cloud seeder, People feeder

A visual representation of ground based cloud seeding and the beauty in merging human made chemical clouds with real clouds. It underscores the complexity and multifaceted nature of human experiences, where something tragic or destructive can sometimes reveal unexpected layers of beauty or emotion.

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Eradicated Sky

Eradicated sky shows cloudless skies captured over more than two years. A future where countries without the resources to cloud seed are deprived of their own clouds, their own water – their rightful elements.

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