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Solar Sail

Solar Sail, 2021

Solar Sail

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2020 – 2021
500m2 of life blankets
Waterfiled plastic-sacs
Installed in different places in Europe

The Solar Sail shows how humans interact with nature and how nature responds to our actions. It creates an opposition between the macrocosm and our humanly built objects.

It is made out of life blankets which are held down by little sacs filled with water. The water sacs also represent how we use materials out of nature to create our own structures. The whole sail comes together as one big 500m² foil structure.

By reflecting the light with its silver coating it almost falls apart in the landscape and blends in with the snowy fields. As the day goes by and the snow melts, you start to see the sail more and more. Creating a metaphor for how nature fades away and our humanly built structures stay.

Multiple of these Solar Sails will appear in the next few months around Switzerland. At different locations at different times and only for a few hours.